Sync Originals sub-publishing division was created in São Paulo in 2010 helping writers/publishers finally press REC (Register/Explore/Collect) on their works in the maze that is the Brazilian (South American) collecting societies system, as well as on deliverying excelence to Brazilian publisher wishing to avoid income lost, while developing its catalog worldwide. 100% focused in the business development of our sub-published catalogs.

We provide an expert international team and the business infrastructure necessary for music catalogs to get relevant registration, distribution, licensing and marketing worldwide; which alongside our international sync/licensing agency, target localize brands/film opportunities for your music. Our team is based in São Paulo and London and is headed by Afonso Marcondes.

By operating a successful music sync boutique, we’ve been creating global opportunities for music content into multiple segments since 2007. We work closely with Deezer, Spotify, YouTube and a number of Brazilian brands direct, like on the “Pearls Negras vs Melissa at Glastonbury Artists/Brands case. We are PRS/MCPS/PPL/SESAC/SOUNDEXCHANGE/UBC members since 2005.

In short, Sync Originals works to maximize commercial opportunities for our music partners in innovative ways in this vast, and complex market that is the music industry in Brazil (South American). We provide excellence on our services to partners.

Sounds good? Got music? Need help from experienced happy people into publishing in Latam? Please email us at biz[at]syncoriginals[dot]com