Pearls Negras (now A Bronca), hottest hip hop/rap trio in Brazil were invited to perform at the Glastonbury festival and 5 other dates in Europe June 2015. Our team created an Artists & Branding strategy which count with a documentary by Dazed and Confused, pocket shows at the chosen brand store, photo-shoot’s and of course the girls wearing the brand produced. Melissa (Grendene), were our chosen brand; they understood the synergy straightway and got behind the project. We coordinate the exercise from our London & São Paulo offices, and provided Melissa’s mkt team with a ticket to Glastonbury so they could follow closely the whole project. While sparkling out on their style, the girls were able to fly out to Europe and have now the most wanted ankle boot while representing the brand on their tour, on their documentary by Dazed and Confuse, and on all of their photo-shoot’s while in Europe.