Sync Originals is specialist in music business with a huge experience in branded-marketing and new business models. Notwithstanding, their international connexions help to accelerate business deals and facilitate a fast learning curve. My company enjoyed great support on structuring our business model. Great pleasure to work with Sync Originals!

Daniel Arcoverde do Nascimento



Afonso Marcondes, on his own words: “I’ve always been an inquisitive teenager when it comes to music. But, moving to London in 1987 and subsequently getting beaten by the music industry bug 2 years later… saw me, to this day, contributing and exchanging knowledge on my favourite areas in the music industry: publishing, brand partnerships, licensing, sync, marketing, distribution, digital, content acquisition etc. Nowadays, I am told, I am thought of as being a creative music facilitator/music business consultant, supporting individuals, teams and organizations with strategy and innovation in the realm of music.” For more on Afonso’s adventures in the music business world, Linkedin him > Afonso is based in São Paulo and London and you can reach him at


I have always been fascinated by the way music, as a universal language, can connect so many different people and give us so many great experiences. I come from a family of musicians and became one myself at the age of 11. Later on, I realized that I could bring music and business together in order to develop a culture in a more entrepreneurial way, so I’ve made that my goal in life. Nowadays, I work hard at Sync Originals to provide the best level of service in A&R marketing and brand partnership. Add André on > Linkedin < André is based in São Paulo and you can reach him at


On Bruna’s words: “The girl in the front row. I was never the most sociable kid in school, so I found comfort in music at a very early age. Later on, while most kids were spending their allowances on Pokémon cards, I was saving mine for concert tickets. Four years spent in Europe after graduating high school gave me the opportunity to see some of my favorite bands play live, and it was around that time that I realized that there was nothing else I could see myself doing other than dedicating my life to making the music industry a better place”. Bruna’s > Linkedin < Bruna is based in São Paulo and you can reach her at


On Adam Fazakas words: “There has never been a more vital time for the amplification of quality music!” Business developing on the artist/label acquisition and ad.creative/film facing clients, Adam is described by some as a renaissance man :). He’s also good at Artists Management Public Relations & Global Touring. Until last year, Adam kept busy at Eldeman (leading global communications marketing firm) as Senior Manager, Global Financial Change Management & Training and as a Digital Business Manager for 7 years. For more on Adam’s adventures in business, Linkedin him > Adam is based in London and you can reach him at