Sync Originals provides Clearance services for products and services including licensing of songs, images, trademarks and others for film, advertising, television, DJs, producers and virtually any project where there is the need to obtain the rights to use music, in particular copyright.

We can clear a song/image etc and get all the rights necessary for you to use on any type of project. We understand that there may be an emergency at your end, for that we ask that you send as much information as possible, as in the example below.

+ Name of the work

+ Name of author/artist

+ Publisher/label

+ Use you want to make of such piece of music

+ How long will project last.

+ The above information should be sent to us with at least 28 days notice.


▪ Consultation

▪ Research of all applicable titles

▪ Formal submission of requests

▪ Negotiation of fees and terms.

▪ Timely and regular follow-up to obtain quotes: A week to 10 Days

▪ Upon receipt of terms and fees, Sync Originals will forward all applicable information to client for their review and approval.


(Commences after quotes are secured and client has approved fees)
▪ Generate deal memos

▪ Draft and/or request formal license agreements

▪ Traffic all agreements and payment

▪Delivery of closed file(s) to client. For a minimal fee Sync Originals will create a folder containing copies of all correspondence and all fully-executed license agreements related to the project.

*Publishing and Master Recording clearances are separate clearances.