Sync Originals is specialist in music business with a huge experience in branded-marketing and new business models. Notwithstanding, their international connexions help to accelerate business deals and facilitate a fast learning curve. My company enjoyed great support on structuring our business model. Great pleasure to work with Sync Originals!

Daniel Arcoverde do Nascimento, Partner/Founder,



As music consultancy Sync Originals expertise have been applied to a variety of commercial environments within companies in the media, music, technology and events fields worldwide. Think of us as a creative music facilitator/music business consultant, supporting individuals and organizations with strategy and innovation in the realm of music. We enjoy brainstorming new business models & revenue channels, have a look at some of our clients below.


{} Brokering of partnerships (music, digital/mobile, content providers, brands)
{} Business plan
{} Marketing research
{} Media planning
{} Negotiation and draft of contracts

{} Devise and implementation of marketing/promotional operations & content acquisition strategies

{} Support to local-offices on strategic partnerships, sales and management
{} Design, implementation and sales of special projects to brands/B2B
{} Music/Charity events production



Grupo No Limits (BR) Events Promoters DAVID GUETTA, XXXPERIENCE…

Dream Industries – Zvooq (RU) Russia & CSI largest music streaming services

Apparel Music (IT) – Italy’s finest dance label

Digicast: Digital Broadcast Services Corp. (USA) Music services

You Play Music (BR): Electronic Music Label & Publisher

Sonido (BR) Bespoke Music/Record Producer

MusicJustMusic™ (DE) German music aggregator & publisher

Absolut Berri Açai (BR) Possible WPP

Galeão Music (BR) Record Label (BR) Live Concerts Platform

ITFR (BR) Dance Label…


We gathered over 30 years of experience on the internacional market working in different fields while looking after the interest of a number of indie artists, labels and publishers. Our services cover all aspects of the business and is tailormade to each individual clients, seeking to run an effective and profitable business in the music industry. We have a successful track record and provide help on a 360 spectrum, from the incorporation of a company, to setting up a international distribution network all the way to marketing, sync etc. 



{} Music Business
{} Publishing
{} Negotiation & Communication
{} Marketing & Promotion

{} Get in touch to earn a living from your art, the right way!