Luiza Nis is from Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, South of Brazil. When asked “What does music mean to you?” in her first interview granted to the LA blog MusicalHeARTBeat, Luiza Nis (Brazilian singer/songwriter/music producer) didn’t hesitate to answer: “It’s something that is naturally a part of my being. I don’t know how or why but it always has been.” At the age of 12 she wrote her first song, two years later she taught herself to play the guitar and decided that she wanted to learn how to sing, so she started to spend at least seven hours of her days singing and recording herself in her room, until she uploaded her first acoustic cover on Soundcloud.

Recording acoustic versions of songs she related with had become a habit and at the age of 19 she released a ‘re-imagination’ of the song “Devil Eyes” by Hippie Sabotage. Luiza’s version of the song reached a hundred thousand views in less than two weeks, when the original artists reposted her track.

The singer shot her first music video as a result of a cultural contest which she won online. The video promotes her debut single “The Last Goodbye” (produced and written by Luiza, mixed and mastered by Dallass). Her musical inspirations are the 80’s Synth-pop, contemporany R&B and Pop music from all decades.

Grandphone Vancouver (GV) comes from the Northeast of Brazil, Paraíba State. After releasing awesome singles in Brazil, being critically acclaimed as one of the most innovative Brazilian bands, cross the country with contagious shows and winning several awards – including the best music video of 2012 with the single “Miss Me” (see video below), the band now prepare for the release of their first EP. The creativity of Grandphone Vancouver in their music videos has been able to take a superhero to the streets of João Pessoa – saving people from violence in “Life Is Long Enough”, to make one of the greatest drivers of Formula 1 of all time, Ayrton Senna, leaves his car alive after hitting the wall on Tamburelo curve in Imola`s circuit in “A Rush Through The River”, this particular music video reached nearly 1 million views on its first week at facebook. And it is precisely the ability to think differently, associated with beautiful and well crafted emotional songs that makes Grandphone Vancouver a project that needs to be heard by all who have a sensitive heart and are fans of Coldplay, Arcade Fire and the like. Hear the music while you watch the video below. Grandphone Vancouver 1st EP is due out soon.

Daniel Caldeira is a singer and songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has two albums. After releasing Azularanja(2013), Daniel released in January 2017, Pronto Pro Mundo. With various influences, from Gilberto Gil to the contemporary dream pop bands, the artist crafts a sound that blends music and poetry, depth and strength. Hear both albums below.