Sync Originals is specialist in music business with a huge experience in branded-marketing and new business models. Notwithstanding, their international connexions help to accelerate business deals and facilitate a fast learning curve. My startup,, enjoyed great support on structuring the legal issues related to our business model. Great pleasure to work with Sync Originals! Daniel Arcoverde do Nascimento

Partner at

Music Branding

In essence, we enjoy developing concepts for music’s application to marketing…A Better Way.

Music Licensing | Sync

Handpicked music free of the unpredictability with costs & the bureaucracy with copyright.

Music Supervision

Soundtrack search and licensing of original songs plus tailor-made tracks within budget.

Artists & Brands

From strategy to delivery, we offer the full service spectrum of music’s into brand environments.

Influencer Marketing

Tailored presentation of brands in Brazil. We ‘mix’ entertainment and industry influencers live via twt/fb/instagram…

Events Production

Over 10 years of experience as event producers/concert promoters in Brazil and the UK. Branded music experience.

Management | Publisher

A Midem award plus 11 years of experience in artists management & music publishing. For hard working artists only!

Bespoke Music

Targeted, authentic and emotional. We work exclusively with HiFi projects lead by Paul Robb (Information Society).

Music Business School

Our centre for knowledge exchange in Brazil. Musicness first open its doors in Jan. 2012 and has been growing ever since.

Music Clearance

Clearance services for songs, images and virtually any project where there is need to obtain the rights.

Club | Music Venue

Since 2010 our multifunction venue connects brands, music and the public in São Paulo. Since 2010.

B2B Consultancy

We advise tech/artists/brands & music companies about the music business and all its facet.[BR], Zvooq [RU]…

Music is a unique advertising format. Even if you cannot watch tv or see the slogans, you will hear the music. Music touches the heart and instantly creates associations within the subconscious. We handpick music based on these laws of nature.

I highly recommend Sync Originals services. Marcos Menescal

Film Director, Paradiso Films

Highly experienced lads, this guys can definitely handle any music projects! Marcos de Orleans

N.1 Brazilian Concert Promoter UK

Músicas de alto nível! Zeca Leme

Record Producer | Sound Engineer (Beyoncé |Kanye West...), BTG Studios

Sync Originals A Better Way!
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