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Creative Music Services Boutique. In other words, we enjoy consulting on best use of music in moving images, campaigns/special projects and the development of concepts for music’s application to marketing, films, tv, games and beyond…

On the sync/licensing front, handpicked, pre-cleared music from innovative artists worldwide, + music marketing strategy, supervision, clearance, music events and tailor-made soundtracks. All music is available on a intuitive modern online platform and free of the unpredictability with costs & bureaucracy associated with copyright, we are clear. 

Sync Originals is recommended to creative music users suffering from headaches to discover, share and easily license music that is both inspiring and innovative. We are based at Rua Girassol 139, Vila Madalena, São Paulo and at 71 Leonard St, Shoreditch in London.

We also run a boutique publishing company specialized in the modern face of Brazilian music (Midem Award 2005). Labels/Publishers/Artists, feel free to email us.

Sync Originals is specialist in music business with a huge experience in branded-marketing and new business models. Notwithstanding, their international connexions help to accelerate business deals and facilitate a fast learning curve. My startup, Netshow.me, enjoyed great support on structuring the legal issues related to our business model. Great pleasure to work with Sync Originals! Daniel Arcoverde do Nascimento

Partner at Netshow.me

If you are talking content and need help in Brazil, here we are proud partners in crime with TCOLondon (The Church of London), an award-winning creative agency and publisher of Huck and Little White Lies magazines.

See their clients below? Impressive right? Got any ideias?

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They create compelling experiences across analogue and digital platforms. The Economist

Cutting-Edge Publishers. Time Magazine

Our Partners created ‘the most insane piece of direct marketing ever’ for google, a magazine called Think Quarterly. Seen one?

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